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Working towards Sustainability

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Working towards Sustainability

Projects in this section not only aim at capacity building of self help groups (SHGs) but also setting up for the people undergoing training - and setting up marketing channels for the manufactured items. We believe that year round monitoring is required for sustainability of the projects. Self help groups (SHGs) registered under the Government of West Bengal shall be offered training under specific training programs. Local needs for training shall be identified, income profiles viewed to select SHGs and preference shall be given to BPL families (identities of people trained shall be provided to our donors, with current addresses and mobile numbers). Training schedules shall be shared along with information on how the manufacturing units are being set and monitored. Certified trainers shall be hired for the trainings.


Capacity building in tailoring opportunities have been identified as one of the key interventions to raise income levels among SHGs. Markets for school uniform makers, and ladies clothes exist and there is huge demand for these workers in North 24 Parganas (Southern Bengal)

Manufacturing Unit

Manufacturing units in jam, jelly, sauce products have been identified to be key income generators in Malda, Murshidabad where mango production is high. Manufactured products produced in these areas are sold in SHG fairs, Kolkata. There is tremendous potential in building capacity for these women - as sustainable units can raise quality of life for the entire household and villages.

Non Timber Forest Products

In backward districts such as Purulia, work opportunities are low and remote villages survive on forest products such as canes, bamboo - making baskets (jhuris), collecting dry leaves and flowers for making utensils (shal pata) etc. This is very inherent to their culture.

Targeting the SME Sector and Self Employment- 50 Households

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