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Swanirvar Bengal

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Swanirvar Bengal


West Bengal is prominently known as an agro-based state with a wide variety of micro and small scale enterprises spurring across several districts, with each district having its own unique and specialized handicraft business. The businesses are not only unique but they are also a means by which the State’s historical, cultural and rural heritage are restored. Most of the businesses have immense potential for growth and are yet to establish themselves as sustainable enterprises. Here, “sustainability” implies – generating a trained work force that could broadly cater to these enterprises, providing employment to these rural artists and artisans and attaining financial freedom with positive turnovers.

Changing Lives Foundation

Changing Lives Foundation (CLF) is a non-profit charitable organization that envisions the scope of growth of the MSSEs in West Bengal. The potential of growth lying with these enterprises are immense and rejuvenating them would directly feed into generating rural employment, reducing labor migration, ability to create capital, development of backward areas and making the villages sustainable in the long run.

Changing Lives Foundation (CLF) has been instrumental in furthering the goals of sustainable development by linking corporate social responsibility and sustainable development and emphasizing on the prospects of the NGO Corporate Community Partnership Model. We hope to use this very same concept in rejuvenating SSEs in West Bengal in launching the “Project Swanirvar Bengal”.

Project “Swanirvar Bengal” would include the tripartite partnership of Corporate Houses, NGOs and Rural banks in providing the grant support to SSEs and SHGs. This would ensure transparency of all parties and increase the mobility of funds to the borrowers mainly consisting of women SHGs and registered MSSEs.

It is necessary to state here that CLF hopes to venture into this project without any profit motive with the aim of sustaining these villages in the long run.


  • Create a transformed vision for West Bengal in 5 years where all active and well performing NGOs shall be raised to one state level common platform for information sharing and networking - generating a global level community thinking, participation and conglomeration of ideas and thoughts.

  • CLF would function as a state level representative for all well performing NGOs in WB.

  • An effort to sustain, rejuvenate and support SHG/SSE groups at the grass-root level with the support of locally active NGOs so as to free them of the bondages of formal and informal credit systems.

  • A step towards restoring local, cultural and historical heritage of Bengal – a primary mission of CLF.

  • Contribute to employment generation, reduced labor migration and increased food security that would eventually lead to poverty alleviation – the most highlighted Millennium Development Goal.

  • Provide Health and educational support to the poorest of the poor.

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