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Introduction of Seed

The Central and State government Education policies have been primarily focused on increasing enrolment at the primary level and secondary level especially in the rural areas where there are considerable number of drop outs at the primary level. Farmer and rural families are still unaware of the potential for higher education. Schooling and education for their children is still a luxury to them.

In order to alleviate the problem of enrolment, Changing Lives Foundation has designed a program to enrich the educational enrolment process with multiple scopes for improvement in the education sector. As per the guidelines of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan program, it is necessary to continue to design schemes to ensure higher enrolment, encourage students for better performance and even inspire teachers to provide better quality education to school going students in addition to the efforts of the State and Central Government through NGO-Private-Community partnership models. This would ensure clarity of operation and yield promising results worthy of investment.

The focus of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is to ensure that every child with or without special needs, irrespective of the kind, category and degree of disability, is provided education in an appropriate environment. SSA has adopted a ‘zero rejection’ policy so that no child is left out of the education system. Some of the several targets set for the program are:

  1. Enrolment and retention drives
  2. Training programme for community leaders to develop capacities for school management.
  3. Setting up of Block and Cluster Resource Centres for effective academic supervision.
  4. Free textbooks to all girls/SC/ST children up to Class-VIII.
  5. Mid-day-meal programme to continue as at present.
  6. Adequate Teaching Learning Equipment for all Primary and Upper Primary schools.

Project Seed

Project Seed is a joint Pragati e.V. – CLF effort that plans to make use of the student pool resource to alter the existing level of motivation for acquiring secondary education at the village level among school going students. Drop-out rates are maximum after the seventh or eighth standard in West Bengal. Most students consider Class VIII level education as necessary and sufficient for a living and divert to manual work. There is hardly any motivation from school to hold them back.

The project training school going students and helping them build their confidence, providing them with appropriate exposure on subject matters, making them aware of possible career options after school with class X and XII level education and last but not the least helping them find jobs in the job sector, after their vocational training or college education.

The aim is to have several seed cells across the state of West Bengal. The target is to reach out to every other state in the country where literacy levels are inadequate.

Seed aims at the following objectives:

  • Enrolment process: At-least 10% increase in enrolment in successive years of operation of the project at the existing SEED facility. Higher enrolment at the SEED centre shall ensure increased admission in public schools and SEED centres shall be coordinating with local public and government schools on possible admission of the students once they are ready to return to school curriculum.
  • Community involvement in gearing students for better access to education and in developing career prospects
  • Decreasing school dropout rates by at-least 30% within the period of operation of the project, on a per school basis that the SEED facility is catering to. After one to two years regular teaching, children from SEED schools shall feel the motivation to go back to school and increase their attendance levels.
  • Motivating and energizing students to the next level of education which is acquiring knowledge for betterment in life and helping them get access to the kind of training institutes they wish to join or pursue college education.

The project is an unique model designed to bring about a dramatic change in the mode of education in West Bengal. Seed Cells would regularly have exam schedules and targeted coaching towards increasing student pass out rates at the X and the XII levels, depending upon the capacity of the centres.