Anirban School


Enrolment statistics reveals that there has been a steady rise in enrolment at the Anirban school, Gondia village, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal. Children commute from far off distances as well, as much as 7 kms in some cases. The Seed school has jointly arranged for transport for the children providing commuter service for children who are visiting the school from Kashipur (7 kms) and Bisra (6 kms). Initially the children were walking the distance and/or sometimes riding the bicycle.


Total No. of Days – 126

  • Session Started in Mid – October
  • December – Children had Annual Exams in school
  • February – Saraswati Puja
  • March – Good Friday, Dol Jatra
  • April – Bengali New Year
  • May onwards – Children are having exams in school once again.

It should be noted here that children come from different religious backgrounds and it is not possible to restrict holidays for one religion and provide for the other. We follow the school routine on holidays but have extra days of class owing to student preparation for exams. However, some of the children refuse to come to school during exam time, when attendance is virtually very low.

Chart below shows that attendance had reached it’s peak during the months of February and March. However it started dropping in April owing to upcoming exams that started in April and is still going on in some schools in May.

Teachers have shown considerable commitment in keeping up their attendance as shown by the table below. Apart from serious health reasons and individual commitments in education, teachers have generally maintained their attendance levels.


Mid Session Exams were held during the month of March to assess the level of students before their upcoming exams in school in April and May. This has been SEED’s first exam in school and outcomes should be asses with the following factors that have influenced the children’s results:

  • Students are not used to exams as scores in school do not determine their pass rates or failures. Despite very poor scores in school, all children are promoted to the next level till standard VIII which has affected their performance levels and confidence in fairing well in exams.

  • Children are also not used to exam writing disciplines which SEED centres are training them on. Associated fears regarding exams are dropping their performance levels.

  • They have reduced capacity to remember compared to other children going to private schools.

  • Questions papers were prepared such that scores at a SEED facility would be lead to atleast a 25% raise in scores in their school exams such that a student receiving 50 points in a seed exam would be expected to receive at-least 62.5% in a regular school exam. This is in case of children who are weak and attending school.