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CLF Integrated NGO network –

‘Join the Changing Lives Phenomena’

NGOs with sound reputation and willingness to work proactively in social sectors where change is required are requested to join the CLF integrated NGO network. This network aims to create a common platform for all civil society organizations working in isolation. We encourage exchange of information among all NGOs working in the same sector for new and innovative ideas for more decisive changes.

The network has the following objectives:

  1. Provide a common international platform for all NGOs for information exchange

  2. NGOs having the capacity to identify needs in the social sectors are encouraged to fill out the NGO Query Form for project related funding. This is a specially created window for NGOs looking for support and CLF shall serve to be the mother organization in implementation of all projects that it deems necessary and has the potential for impacting the lives of people below poverty line, in accordance with CLF objectives. CLF shall take responsibility in securing funds for the project.

  3. The network shall facilitate growth of all NGOs through sharing of information and funds for joint implementation of projects.

  4. CLF shall represent all NGOs on this network at international meets and conferences.

  5. CLF shall offer special opportunities for growth if an NGO performs well in a particular sector.

The NGO Query form shall provide CLF an opportunity to assess the scope of the project. Depending upon the scale of the project and possibilities for securing funding, CLF shall contact the designated person of your NGO for further details of the project. Projects that seem viable and reasonable shall be considered for funding only. Kindly note that all NGOs joining the network should provide valid information on registration details and other project related information. Any misinterpretation of ideas or information shall disqualify the project.

CLF hopes to work with credible organizations only and wishes to form partnerships with responsible heads of organizations with the ability to conduct operations at the local level.

CLF guarantees to keep all project related details confidential until project plan is outlined and project is launched. CLF also hopes to secure funding for credible projects within a year of application once approved. Application shall not be considered if projects are not viable.

Kindly fill out the form if you are interested to join us!

Name of  NGO
NGO Reg no.


Contact Person

There should be JOIN CLF NETWORK tab that sends the information to

An email that should use the Project title in subject line with NGO name.

If project title is “care” and NGO name is “save the children”, then email subject line should say: “care”- Save the children.