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Description of School Projects

All the Projects listed under SCHOOL PROJECTS have the potential to raise enrolment at secondary schools, increase retention and reduce drop outs - all three of which are official OUTCOME INDICATORS for raising literacy levels in the state of West Bengal.

Let us move - Bicycles

Distance is key deterrent to secondary level enrolment. CLF has been able to provide bicycles to students of Class X in Government schools in Nadia District.

Villages in West Bengal have Anganwadi centres (primary schools located within the villages), secondary schools within distances of 3 to 5 kms and high schools between 5 to 7 kms. One of the prime reasons for reduced enrolment and retention at the secondary schools (and more drop out children) is the children have to commute 5 to 7 kms on average on feet through village roads that are in precarious condition during the rainy season. Attendance during rainy season is very low at government secondary schools. We have been able to identify 34 needy children between classes VI and IX who need bicycles to attend school.

Let us see - Eye Glasses

Vision problems have been de-motivating students from attending school at higher standards. As part of a local initiative, CLF had arranged a camp for eye tests in 2013 where 500 children had undergone tests and 86 children were identified who were in need of eye classes.

Commonly there exists no culture among parents of school going children in villages for eye tests. Children may be dropping out from schools for vision problems and for not being able to see black boards. In Schools with huge classroom sizes and students numbering to 60 and 70, children face problems viewing the black board and situations worsen with vision problems. We are seeking help in providing eye glasses to poor village children who need eye glasses. About 86 of them have been identified who need eye glasses to correct vision problems immediately from Nepalgunge area, semi urban - about 15 kms from proper Kolkata.

Essentials in School

Cost of attending school is not limited to school fees that have been waived but cost of school accessories is also a major burden to poor parents. CLF self sponsors about 40 children every years with essentials they need in schools since 2012.

Essentials have been provided to about 100 children so far - with books, pens, pencils and school bags. These essentials are given to them as gifts when children perform well in the SEED exams - as incentives to children for improving school performance.

Every Child Attention program (Annual sponsorship program to children)

CLF has sponsored 10 motivated children under the ECAP program. ECAP is especially designed to identify talented children from rural areas. It aims at providing additional attention to students whose performance levels are high at schools in their own standards. We have selected students with outstanding growth performance from standards VI to X into the ECAP program and wish to support an additional 185 children from 10 government schools in South 24 Parganas. The program includes - special coaching faciliites (year round), personality development classes and support with books, bags and accessories.

Healthy and Hearty

CLF has organized health camps for blood tests (for dengue, blood count levels and malaria). Malaria and Dengue are common diseases among children in villages of West Bengal. Once the child is affected, it is 20 days to a month when parents decide to take their children for a blood test in rural areas. General medicines are also not administered. Local doctors are not equipped to diagnose child patients with dengue, as the disease does not have clear symptoms like malaria. A quarterly health check up is an essential component to a child's healthy growth of mind and body. About 200 children need health checks ups from two SEED schools on a quarterly basis.


Mid day meals (MDMs) have been able to raise school enrolment levels considerably in all states in India. Breakfast facilities are still not available. Some children look forward mid day meals at 1 pm as their first meal, especially from BPL families. Children attending SEED schools are generally starting school at 7 am in the morning and need support on a small breakfast. This will help further improve enrolment just as MDMs.