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Quality and High Productivity in Services Rendered

  • Changing Lives Foundation aims at providing the highest quality in services rendered in the social sector to retrieve the highest social benefits.

  • We hope to overcome country specific constraints in political and social issues such as corruption and lack of transparency for maximum socio-economic returns.

Targeting Key sectors in Social Development

  • Our aim is to target projects that are directly related to the betterment of services and scope provided in the education and health sector. These sectors raise chances of improving the quality of life of the people directly.

  • Our primary focus and mode of action is also to target the rejuvenation of the SME sector in rural India as majority of people living in villages in India still remain trapped below the poverty line.

To rekindle our forgotten past - Tourism and Cultural Development

  • We also hope to provide a boost to the Indian Tourism sector by following ‘Pro-poor” growth models developed by UNESCAP.

Our primary Focus Groups - Children and Women

  • Empowering lives of women by strengthening Self help Groups and helping in formation of the SHGs is also one of our prime agendas.

  • Children trapped in poverty and exposed to trafficking and other forms of exploitation such as victimized as child labor is one of our most valued social concerns. Implementing any social action or projects for the betterment of such a cause is also one of our highest priorities.