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Changing Lives Foundation is a non-government organization, registered under Society Registration Act, 1961 under the Government of West Bengal, India as of 18th of October 2011.

Founded with the hope to bring about valuable and sustainable changes in livelihood patterns and the quality of life of people who are below the poverty line in rural India, we do not wish to marginalize our goals by selecting a few sectors of social development and consequently limit our operations to those sectors. Our mission and objectives, shall explain it all!

The heart of CLF lies in rural India – where their still remains the essence of simple livelihoods with simple people living on simple demands and expectations. The majority of India still strive to avail their basic rights to food, shelter, education and a healthy living. Amidst the vast socio-cultural diversity of the people of India with majority of them still lying below the poverty line, CLF wishes to “help every human being live their own dreams.”

We wish to follow the footsteps of the bygone path setters in social development such as Swami Vivekananda and bring about a new wave of fulfillment by not only catering to the needs of the socially disadvantaged people but also creating a new mode of social thinking – that ‘welfare knows no barriers’. Welfare is not limited to barriers or sectors of social development. It relates to the development of the human soul and any efforts relating to social service, however small, would always eventually have a multiple ripple effect in the international scenario, as ‘humanity is inseparable.’

It is the mission of CLF to transform the thoughts that are inbuilt in such highest human philosophy into action. This transformation given the waves of globalization and challenges of scarcity in resources and options demands a course of action that not only sets out the goal clearly but also the ‘path to attain the goal’.

The highest philosophical thought and action always demands the most scientific and rigid explanation. So researching on new ideas and projects, using newer instruments in social policy making, believing in changes that have the potential to break through age old redundant practices and being an inspirational body behind the introduction of latest technologies in resource constraint sectors through partnerships and collaborations is how we outline our course of action.

Primary Mission of CLF is to:

  1. Improve the Quality of Life of people lying below poverty line by providing them with employment options, additional options for earnings and income, livelihood options, educational benefits, health benefits and others that would directly benefit their standard of living.
    • Provide them with a direction for betterment – be it in education or health and/or even livelihood options.
    • Work with them to sustain their motives and educate them on a better understanding of an ‘improved quality of life.’

  2. CLF believes in the potential that is trapped in rural India. As much as the Indian Five Year Plans have tried to tap the benefits from the industrial revolution, CLF firmly believes that the strength of rural India still lies in development of latest agricultural practices, use of improved fertilizers, providing multi-cropping benefits to farmers, improved measures in irrigation and in solving problems of soil erosion in the regions of difficult terrains.

  3. CLF also aims at making rural villages ‘sustainable’ by working with them in their own areas of skill- base and expertise. Creation of self sustainable villages in India where there is potential for immense development in the small and medium scale sector, handlooms, textiles, handicrafts, leather would have a far reaching effect on the economic background of the financially weak. The broader target is to therefore create districts and eventually economies that have sustainable agro-based technologies, self sustaining SMEs so that labor is contained in the villages (and there is limited labor migration) and per capita income at the rural level is increased.

  4. Literacy is key to Development. CLF aims at providing education to primary and secondary level school going children who are either school drop outs or have been forced to discontinue from schools for their financial conditions. We intend to build enrollment at the school level to enhance the goals of the ‘Sarva Shikhya Abhiyan’ Program and be a parallel phenomenon in supporting the objectives of the Central government.

  5. We also hope to build a strong networking platform for NGOs with similar objectives and focus groups who intend to bring about positive changes in the lives of the people of rural India.

  6. Our motives, efforts and inspiration lies for all who are in need within and beyond the borders of India.